Apps4Ag is a comprehensive, up-to-date, and responsive Apps4Ag database to better support access to, and uptake of ICT forex trading strategies and mobile applications by individuals and institutions involved in value chain development.

A comprehensive database

To add value to the database the apps are collated along an agricultural value chain framework 
to facilitate search, retrieval and use by the value chain actors.


What are the different audiences, external stakeholders, and the important demographical information for an application?


What purpose does the application serve? What segments of the agricultural value chain are involved? What is the financial model 
to ensure long-term sustainability for the application?


Does the application provide content that is relevant to the end user? Is there potential 
to use the applications with others that serve different segments of the value chain? 

All the actors coming together

The Apps4Ag database has over 500 online and mobile applications and services for stakeholders in the food value chain.

Right now, a digital revolution is changing the way farming is done, but poor smallholder farmers aren’t benefiting from it.


ARD practitioners, extension workers, international development organisations, … need to get the right information in order to make their own decisions on ICT applications based on their agricultural projects.

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What is the financial model to ensure scaling and long-term sustainability and of an ICT4Ag initiative? Apps4Ag Database, through its different components, will allow an easier understanding of the business value of the application.

About apps4ag

Software developers

The database is expected to be interactive with a feedback and update form for users to submit information on applications that are not currently in the database or for developers to correct and update information on their solutions.

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Opening new ways of solving bottleneck to doing new business

CTA wishes to address the need to provide the agricultural value chain development community and the App development community with a sustainable platform for interaction that meets the rapidly changing requirements of these stakeholders.

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