• Date of release

    24 March 2016

  • Last modified

    7 July 2017

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Imagine having a farm note book that always has the most up to date information on everything that happens on the farm, well it’s here! F-Track, is the complete on-the-go farm management app that lets multiple users record and access all their farm information live, wherever they want.

Through synchronisation with an online server all data entered is constantly updated and when out of range, data is stored locally and updated when possible. This app can be utilised for individual farmers but farms with multiple users will see the real benefit, with all managers and staff able to input data, keeping the most accurate farm book available. This application uses certain background features for tracking your location via GPS and as such continued use can dramatically decrease battery life.

App details

Business and services

Agricultural value chain

  • Pre-production
    • Crop & Land selection
    • Land preparation & sowing
  • Production
    • Produce harvesting (how to, when to,etc)
    • Inputs management & use

Support services

  • Data & climate
    • Data collection
    • Weather/water/soil management
    • Inputs management & use
    • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Collaboration & networking
    • Geo­locating actors


  • Multi


  • Device categories

    • Smartphone (Mobile)
    • Tablet
  • Operating systems
    • iOS
  • Content formats

    • Image
    • Text
  • Output channels

    • Web
    • Smart phone (Mobile)
    • Computer
  • Distribution channels

    • App Store (Apple)


  • Audiences

    • Agri-entrepreneurs
    • Farmer Cooperatives
    • Farmers
  • Languages

    • English

Business model

  • Funding

    • Transactional
  • Revenue model

    • Transactional
    • Users


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